Why choose us?

We have years of experience and expertise in providing the perfect solution for your company or client. We are aware of how competitive the industry is becoming and how significant we have to be to make you choose LifeB2B as your number one supplier.


We believe, being fast and efficient is a factor of growing our business. We have a quick response to prices and any product inquiries.


We guarantee to keep our products at the highest quality possible. We are perfectionist of keeping every product to its highest quality. We want to keep the product guarantee of being robust, reliable and protect.


We provide full support to our clients. We are happy to help our cleints in any situation. We aim to provide a smooth buying experience.


Low MOQ makes us different from our competitors. Our relationship with our manufactures has given this opportunity of offering low MOQ for our products.

Supply Chain

We offer a reliable logistic process so your products are delivered on time and without any damage.

Competitive Price

We know the industry is very competive. But we will compete against other companies and offer the best price for our products. Affordable price for premium products

About Us

LifeB2B is here to make life easy. Specialist in the B2B industry, we have the experience of delivering a world class service 
with premium quality products. 
Our fully personalised and customised products using high premium materials which provide robustness and ultimate protection 
for your devices makes us a unique supplier. 
We take pride in build quality and consistency of quality in our products. Our aim is to bring life and character to your device. 

Our Products

Macbook Cases

From £15.99

iPad Cases

From £12.99

iPhone Cases

From £10.99

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Email: Sales@banbaint.com

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